Halloween 2016

We kicked off halloween this year with Noah’s school trick or treat! Kai and I got to treat or treat with him around his school, which was so much! The hayride they were supposed to do got cancelled because of rain!

Here is our big dinosaur!img_7427

His whole class! (with a few brother and sisters thrown in)img_7431img_7443

Halloween day we got ready for a few family pictures.. here is the littlest dinosaur..img_7460img_7469img_7476

Our Jurassic Park theme! 🙂img_7481img_7484img_7507

Time to trick or treat!! These boys both did not nap at all, Kai was teething SO bad and Noah was too excited, so off we went with two tired boys, but you would never have known it!img_7546img_7547

After the first stop we got some suckers! Kai was so happy and sucked on that thing the whole time.img_7548

Kai got so into it! He would have to get out of the wagon every time and walk to the house, it was too cute!img_7550img_7551

Auntie Sarah always comes for halloween and was so special to have her here again! Last year it was rainy and cold, this year 60s and sunny!img_7555

Love my dinosaurs! Can’t wait until next year! img_7561


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