Kai Everett at 15 months


Our blonde hair, brown eyed boy just turned 15 months! Since he was 5 months old, he always surprised us with how strong and determined he was, and that has not changed at all as he’s gotten older! He is so opposite of his brother and I love having two boys with two completely different strengths.. its been amazing and humbling to realize how different children can be and to celebrate them for who they are. We can’t wait to see what this kid will do, his competitiveness will be sure to keep us on our feet!

What you say:

  • “Mama” (you now call me mama intentionally)
  • Da! (is how you call your daddy, when he walks through the door after work, you go running to him yelling, “Da, da, da!” so cute
  • “Goal! This was your first word besides mama and dada, you also raise your hands while yelling goal. Seeing that you were kicking a soccer ball at 9 months and first real word was “goal” i will be SHOCKED if you don’t love soccer
  • “Boppa” Your boppa is the first grandparent you said! its so cute!
  • “nigh nigh” You just start saying “nigh nigh” at bedtime
  • You also love to communicate through signing, you sign “more” like crazy and “milk” you are always telling me those things because you want more food and milk all the time! Also can sign “all done” “please” and we are working on “thank you!”

What you know/love:

  • Running around the house
  • Starting to know body parts, can point to nose and head
  • Playing hockey with noah… but you also will hit noah or pilot as hard as you can in the head with sticks so I have been hiding all hockey and golf clubs until this phase is over!
  • Playing with your brother, you guys have been playing together more and more and makes me so happy to see you two have that bond!
  • You are more content when noah is around even if you are not playing together
  • Daddy! Going through a daddy phase and get so excited to have him hold you or be near him, except when you are teething you are all about your mom!
  • You look up and point to the sky when you see a airplane
  • Love pointing out dogs when you see them. It was actually sad, Pilot recently got a haircut, and Pilot does look so difference after a hair cut and Kai was SO scared of Pilot, it took him a full day to realize it was the same dog
  • Into jumping, even try jumping off little steps
  • instead of just kicking a ball, you now run and kick!
  • love waving hi to people or bye
  • DANCING! it is so so cute! Noah was never as big into dancing as Kai at this age and its so sweet
  • sucking your thumb still at night, you have been getting red bumps all around your mouth I think from teething and sucking your thumb

What’s been challenge:

  • Your teething! He just has a really hard time when they are close to cutting and is so clingy and cranky
  • Your strength- You will seriously hit Noah or Pilot SO SO hard with hockey sticks or golf clubs and its gotten to be really dangerous. You think its funny right now, so I have to be always aware of what you are doing
  • Child care – you have a hard time if mom puts you into child care when I work out for have MOTS and it absolutely kills me! I know its your age, most kids this age do and Noah did as well and overcame it, so we just have to get through!
  • You want all the attention! If Noah is upset, then you start crying to and run to me and try to push Noah away and put your head on my shoulder… or if you hit noah, you will immediately come running to me and try to cuddle so I’m not mad… LITTLE STINKER

We love you so much Kai, and how you keep us on our toes!



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