Life in preschool

img_7785That grown-up, infectious smile you see is my boy’s first school picture ever… and he killed it! We couldn’t be more thankful for such a great start for Noah into school. He has been doing SO well, we have seen his confidence continue to grow and him taking more risks. He has been known to be a bit of class clown ha! I always get reports of how he has everyone cracking up.

Going into the school year, I found out he was the youngest kid in the class. It made me a bit nervous knowing that, but his teachers couldn’t be kinder and tell Adam and I all the time that he’s three, going on 25 with how well he communicates. In fact, his teacher told me the older  day that he may be one of the most well spoken three-year-olds she’s ever encountered. We couldn’t be more proud.

We had our first parent-teacher conference last week and it so nice to hear how well he is doing. And one of my favorite parts was hearing how he’s best friends in class with two older boys, Everett and Elliot and every day after rest time, they will read to Noah. His teacher said its rare that three first born children get along so well, but those three boys are all the sweetest. His kindness continues to grow and affect others and we only pray he keeps spreading his contagious joy.

This class picture of him is so funny and a great memory.



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