sweetness wrapped up in this boy


Our oldest child is a few months away from four… and each day this guy steals our hearts ten times over! Your kindness is rare. Your laugher and giggles are so contagious! The other day a parent was in school and heard your giggle and she made a comment to your teacher on what a happy wonderful kid you were! People see your light where ever we go! Your teachers said you are always happy, kind, funny and a friend to everyone. They are sad they won’t have you in class next year! I love your spirit, i love your drive to want to do good and make people happy. I hope you never lose this side of you, but keep on sharing it with the world. we love being your mom and dad!

Update on who you are these days!

What you’ve learned:

  • You are finally potty trained!! whoo hoo! this was more a battle for mom then you! But a little after christmas you decided you were ready and once you were, you totally got it! It took you a bit longer to go number two in the toilet but we finally are over that hump and now you want privacy always when in the bathroom haha!
  • You went from identifying a few letters in the alphabet in the beginning of school, (mainly your name) to knowing all the letters! You sometimes gets M and W mixed up 🙂
  • Being able to only really scribble to writing your name and trying to write other letters as well
  • your gross motor has always been a little bit slower, but you have improved so much and are becoming more daring by the day! You also are finally getting competitive! If you don’t do it right the first time you want to try again! Keep that drive honey! We say “Losers don’t try, Winners always at least try!” I told you that once and you always tell me and show me you’re trying!

What you love:

  • Favorite sports are still hockey, baseball, golf, soccer and tennis! Golf and tennis are your speciality right now! You have been doing private tennis lessons with daddy and taking his clinic on tuesday nights, you went from not being able to hit the ball over the net to being able to drop bounce the ball over the net and run and hit it! Your backhand is so strong!! Its been so fun to watch you get so much better and enjoy it! Your golf swing is always so good! You hit the ball off the tee almost every time and it goes far! You want to do hockey and soccer again this summer! So hard to pick and choose what sports to do, too many options, but trying to stick to what you enjoy!
  • The color red is still your favorite! and probably mom’s least favorite haha!
  • family adventure days! we do these special days a few times a month and you are in heaven the whole day when all of us are together!
  • Your brother!! some days more then others, but when he’s napping now you ask whens he’s up constantly so you can play with him! You sing “Jesus loves me” to Kai before bed and i think I cry everytime I hear your little voice sing to him.
  • Pasta!!  Loves anything with noodles and sauce!!

Drinking chocolate milk after a fresh hair cut:


Boppa has been visiting once a month and the boys love it! IMG_2974

This was too cute, all the guys below put their hands behind their back for the national anthem and you had to do it too!IMG_3113

Daddy’s boy. Always has been.IMG_3839


Love you Noah Joseph!!!DSC_1252


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