our little lover, Kai guy


Our youngest is now a couple months shy of TWO! What a wild ride its been with our Kai! He is so different then his brother, but I love love having two completely different boys, they compliment each other so well, and we always say in our family they are just like my dad and his brother, Noah being like my dad, calm, kind and witty and Kai being like my uncle bob, adventurous, mischievous and on the go! But even as much as he keeps me on my toes, his big brown eyes and blonde hair that likes to stick straight up melts me every time! And he is such a lover!! loves cuddling on laps, hugging pi pi or when “No no” gives him kisses, he always leans in for more! I love watching this guy grow and am shocked all the time by how good his gross motor skills are! He is always keeping up with brother! Love you, Kai and can’t wait to see where your strong will, adventurous side will take you! I have a feeling, I”ll be watching you a lot from the sidelines.

What you love!

  • Love all sports like your brother! Get so excited watching basketball or baseball on the TV with daddy and Noah. Love trying to all the sports your brother is into, hitting a tennis ball, swinging a golf club, bat and hockey stick and shooting basketballs into our hoop!
  • Babies! You are memorized every time you see a baby and let me know when you see one! You give our friends babies hugs and kisses all the time and are so gentle. My heart puddles watching you with babies.
  • Stuffed animals! Noah never liked them until he got older, but you have to have two “pup pups” in bed with you every night
  • Blue seems to be your favorite color so far! You say its your favorite when asked and love pointing out blue things!
  • Books, i catch you sitting in your chair in your bedroom reading books a lot
  • Milk… you drink a lot! like your brother
  • sucking your thumb still, in your crib!
  • Dancing, you are our little dance machine, when ever you hear music, those feet start moving and the jumps come out!
  • when noah plays with you!
  • Elmo, Curious George “Georgie”, and Thomas the Train “choo choo” are your favorite shows

What you know:

  • starting to really learn your colors and point them out, blue and purple are the two colors you notice the most right now
  • really starting to talk and put words together! My favorite things you say are
    • “bye no no!” when he goes into his classroom for school.
    • “Show two” since noah always asks for three shows, you always follow and say two… little stinkers
    • “oh shoot!” I must say this a lot, because now if something spills or falls you say “oh shoot, oh shoot, oh shoot”
    • You say “Hi” or “bye” to everyone, my favorite is when we arrived to one of daddys matches outside, a player from the opposite team came to the fence and you yelled “hi” to him as loud as you could
    • refers to himself in third person just like noah did, “kai’s shoes” “kai’s cup” so sweet to hear you say your name!

Whats been challenging:

  • I could write a novel on Kai and teething. I mean its been SO hard. He perfectly spaced them apart and his teeth will literally take a full month, maybe two to cut. And he’s in pain the WHOLE time. I don’t know what we are going to do when molars come in.
  • sickness… poor guy gets sick every time he’s put in child care… it made for  really hard winter and hard for me to enjoy putting him because then i’m dealt with a  sick kid for a week. Hoping his immune system gets better soon.
  • His attachment to me. While I love how much he loves his momma, Noah never had issues going between adam and I, infact, Noah wanted Adam more then me alot of the time! But, Kai has epic meltdowns when going into said child care. that’s hard to hear and see.

Love you so much, Kai.



One thought on “our little lover, Kai guy

  1. These posts are just beautiful. Melt my heart!! You are so blessed with such amazing little boys. I love them so much!!

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