my world wrapped up.

DSC_1221 (1)

I never want to forget these ages, having a almost four and two year old running around the house. I love hearing them running up the stairs together, giggling at what mischief they are about to get into. I love how Kai copies everything his older brothers does, he thinks he’s the best. I love the sweetness in their baby voices they still have and the innocence in their eyes. I love that they sleep with stuffed animals for comfort and want our undivided attention when playing sports.  I love most of all that they still need me, to kiss their boo boos, cuddle them when they are sick, a hug when they are sad and most of all, being their best friend. My two little boys, you are your momma’s complete joy and my finest work. DSC_1334DSC_1336DSC_1348DSC_1351DSC_1365DSC_1369DSC_1381DSC_1393DSC_1409DSC_1412DSC_1440DSC_1442


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