Fall in Indiana

Indiana falls really are one of the most beautiful things! It stays a little warmer later in the year here and the leaves take the full month of October and some of November to change colors so we can fully enjoy it! This year was so much fun with Kai and Noah! We have played outside almost every day before old man winter comes a knocking! Supposed to be 70 degrees this friday and then a high of 45 degrees on Saturday! Here are some shots of how we have been enjoying the fall!

Fun in a hay maze at the pumpkin farm:


My little helper:



Love these two brown eyed brothersimg_7065

Putting our pickings on the doorsteps!img_7071

Nothing says “brothers” like this picture.. love these sweet boys!img_7075

Spent lots of time at the Notre Dame Parkimg_7099

Helping daddy buy a new leaf blower for the millions of leaves that will blanket our yardimg_7139

Snuck away for a 70 degree date night under the lightsimg_7168

My three boysimg_7249

And this is why you have boys! My future lawn service! Practice makes perfect!img_7257

Addy and Noah got hair cuts on the same day! This picture is too much cute!!img_7272

On a adventure with dad!img_7373img_7396img_7400img_7410

First hockey game of the season with best friend, Finn.img_7452

Another warm November day, so I took my boys on a Zoo date.img_7581img_7587img_7588

You have been so good to us Fall, please winter be very kind! Decorating for christmas begins this weekend!


Our Kai – ONE year!

ahh a year! our littlest is a year!! oh my sweet Kai. you have worked your way into the deepest parts of our hearts and we just love you so!! You are determined, STRONG, have the biggest crinkled nose smile and can be so sweet with mommy! You have been getting into a really fun stage where you love jumping with noah on couch cushion and randomly dancing in the room. Everyone thinks you look a lot like noah, which you do, but I see a lot of daddy in you, his nose, smile and cheeks radiate your dad. You have the biggest brown eyes and blonde hair coming in. You suck you thumb for every nap and going to sleep at night, but you will only suck in your crib and i love seeing it on the monitor. You will wake in the morning and quietly suck your thumb until I come in, but if I’m being extra slow, you let me know:) I love that i’m still learning who you are…you are going to keep momma on her toes and i’m up for the challenge baby boy!


What you love:

  • Food
  • Running
  • Balls
  • Hitting Noah in the head
  • Jumping on pillows
  • laying your head on mommy
  • wrestling with daddy

What you don’t love:

  • CAR RIDES- the day you don’t whine in the car, we are throwing a major party.
  • When Noah steals your toy
  • Waiting to eat
  • Teething! When you get a tooth in , we all feel your pain.


  • You seem to be very focused on your physical ability… your early walking has turned in to running, walking up hills, climbing…
  • Words you seem to be taking longer. You have say mama a lot but not on consistent basis and you went through a dada phase for a few weeks, but again not on consistent basis. you love to make sounds and mimic noah and say a particular that sounds like “away” all the time.
  • You love clapping, hitting things and throwing! You actually will try to put noah’s baseball glove on and throw the ball inside it!
  • You have become a great sleeper, thank God! Sleeping around 11.5 hours a night and taking two 1.5-2 hr naps a day.

Happy FIRST birthday, Kai Everett! What a gift you are!


noah joesph – 3 years!

IMG_4592IMG_3724Our oldest just turned Three! Can’t believe it!

what you say:
“Follow me, mom”
“I want lots of some”
“Maybe you should put Kai down for a nap”
“We will fix that, later”

What you love:

  • Still love digger trucks
  • Favorite sports at the moment are hockey and baseball. You love to pretend to be the goalie and the catcher
  • Favorite color is Red
  • Jumping on the couch cushions with Kai
  • Playing outside
  • Jumping at Sky zone! (literally his happy place)
  • family time
  • shows- maybe a little too much! so he has a set time a day he can watch a show

What’s been a challenge:

  • Classes we take. Currently in swimming and just finished soccer. At soccer some classes he was great, at others, he didn’t want to participate. We are working on trying hard, even when we don’t want to. Swimming class has become a recent challenge, after going under water for his longest consecutive seconds and his teacher left, he developed a fear and is having a hard time.
  • Potty training… well that might be my challenge, I have yet to really start training!! Come on, Mom! His interest level hasn’t been too high, so we will see how this goes!
  • Over coming fears. He can be very tentative when trying new things, working on his confidence!

Who you are:

  • Kind, kind, kind! He really is just so naturally sweet! He will almost always share his toys, loves inviting kids to play with him and can really control his anger. We are so proud him!
  • Mr. talkative! Loves to talk to anyone he meets and tell about the tree that cracked in our yard.
  • napper king – he still takes 2.5-3 hours naps a day! and needs them! His body really seems to need that down time in the afternoon, which makes me a little nervous for preschool!
  • Kodak memory. His memory will always surprise and amaze us.. and i apparently remember a lot of things incorrectly and he is always right! oh boy!
  • Has a great imagination! Makes leaf blowers and weed wackers out of sticks, is always building with train tracks and blocks and his trucks are always on a mission. At the park he becomes “fire fighter noah” and saves friends who don’t even know they are being saved 🙂

What’s ahead:

Preschool! He will be attending two full days a week! We are so excited for this big milestone and first introduction to school. We think he will excel at learning new things and making friends. I know the first few weeks will be a bit hard with him adjusting to hopefully a little nap there and being away from me all day! I didn’t think I would be as sad thinking about him being gone two days as I am! I thought I would be ready! But he really has such a good nature about him, days at home with him are not hard and I love our time together, but know he’s ready to expand his horizons!


His daddy and him have always had a special relationship. So thankful for the bond they share! IMG_2554

and he has mommy wrapped around his finger forever.  xoxoxo.IMG_4342

my sports boy.

IMG_9081This boy and his sports! Two of Noah’s friends love hockey and take lessons. I always said there is no way we are doing them! Well, all Noah can talk about is hockey. Says his favorite sport is hockey and that he wanted lessons. We went to a birthday party and he went on the ice for the first time and was soo excited. We decided it would be a good activity for adam and him to do together and at the very least, he would learn how to skate!

They had their first lesson yesterday and while Noah did cry for half the lesson, he also LOVED half of it! Adam took videos and I had tears in my eyes watching him walk on the ice all by himself on his skates and score a goal in the hockey net. I didn’t expect him at all to do that by himself, but he proved me wrong! He was so determined! I love sharing in their passions, even if it’s something I would never do:)


Learning to skate for the first time!IMG_9063IMG_9066

Loving wearing a helmet like the hockey guys.IMG_9067IMG_9072IMG_9061

In awe…IMG_9080

Adam’s season also started so we have been going to the home matches! Noah is so fun to take now because he will actually watch! We get a croissant and chocolate milk before every match and he gets to eat it while he watches, a new little tradition we started! 🙂 Kai guy is loving it too!IMG_9191IMG_9195These boys totally hit the jack pot with having a coach as their dad!! We eat, sleep, breath sports in this house and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We are so thankful for all the opportunities we get to do with the boys through Notre Dame!

six months

Can’t believe we are six months old! I remember with Noah, this is when I started finding my groove as a mom and I totally feel like I’m finally getting down the adjustment of being a mom of two kids!

I had a really hard time adjusting to life as two, I felt torn between them both all the time, sleep deprived and didn’t like being so tied down! But, we finally are on a good schedule, some days better then others and Kai is just the cutest! He has huge brown eyes and the sweetest face. He melts my heart over and over. I never ever expected to be a mom of all boys, but at the same time I never knew I could love these guys so much! They are the perfect fit for our family and we are so grateful to be celebrating six months with this guy.

Kai Everett, you are such a incredible boy. You baffle us with how strong and determined you are. You are also so quiet and content on your own. You already look up to Noah and seeing your relationship blossom together makes me so happy. We love you so.

IMG_9270crawling!!, pushing yourself to sitting, eating solids twice a day, you seem to like all food so far!, 7pm bedtime, doing 2-3 naps a day that last an hour-three, thumb sucker, crawls after whatever noah is playing with, love when noah talks to you, rest you head on my shoulder while I sing twinkle twinkle at nap time, waking once (sometimes twice) a night, slept 12 hours straight at night once!, eating in high chair at restaurant, so sweet!


five months

IMG_8615First trip to Florida, started taking 1.5-3hr naps, grabs toys, so strong, doing planks and rocks on knees, making attempts to crawl, 7pm bedtime with two wake-ups a night, teething, started sucking thumb for bedtime and nap time, no interest in pacis, like sucking on blankets and lovies, know your name, looks for mom in a room, big smiles for mom, dad and Noah, only sleep on belly